Lecturers 2018

Below you can find the list of speakers who will be presenting at the Summer School on Degrowth and Environmental Justice 2018:

ICTA-UAB Speakers and facilitators

Guest Speakers

Claudio Cattaneo – R&D Barcelona Simone D’Alessandro – R&D, University of Pisa (Italy)
Marta Conde – R&D Barcelona Giacomo D’Alisa – R&D, University of Coimbra (Portugal)
Federico Demaria – R&D Barcelona, ENVJustice project Irene Iniesta – Colectivo FRACTAL, Biodiversia S Coop
Fulvia Ferri – R&D Barcelona Christian Kerschner – R&D, Masaryk University  (Czech Republick)
Melissa García Lamarca – BCNUEJ project Iago Otero – R&D
Julien-François Gerber – R&D Barcelona Salvador  Pueyo – R&D
Giorgos Kallis – R&D Barcelona Federica Ravera – Universitat de Vic, Colectivo FRACTAL
Beatriz Rodriguez Labajos – R&D Barcelona Christos Zografos – R&D, Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona
Joan Martinez-Alier – R&D Barcelona, ENVJustice project
Sara Mingorría – ENVJustice project, Colectivo FRACTAL
Brototi Roy – R&D Barcelona, ENVJustice
Anke Schaffartzik – ICTA-UAB
François Schneider – Research & Degrowth France
Filka Sekulova – R&D Barcelona
Mariana Walter – R&D Barcelona