bibliography 2016

Day 1 – Monday 4h July


Martínez-Alier, Joan. 2012. Environmental Justice and Economic Degrowth: An Alliance between Two Movements. Capitalism Nature Socialism, 23(1): 51-73.

Giorgos Kallis & Hug March (2015) Imaginaries of Hope: The Utopianism of Degrowth, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 105:2, 360-368, DOI: 10.1080/00045608.2014.973803, the link to this article:


Day 2 – Tuesday 5th July


Brand, Ulrich (2016) Growth and Domination, Shortcomings of the (De-)Growth Debate

Towards environmental justice success in mining resistances: An empirical investigation (


Day 3 – Wednesday 6th July


Ted Trainer, “The radical implications of a zero growth economy”, real-world economics review, issue no. 57, 6 September 2011, pp. 71-82,

Demaria, F., Schneider, F., Sekulova, F., MartinezAlier,J. 2013. ‘What is degrowth? From an activist slogan to a social movement’. Environmental Values 22: 191-215.


Day 4 – Thursday 7th July


Claudio Cattaneo i Marc Gavaldà, The experience of rurban squats in Collserola, Barcelona: what kind of degrowth? 2010


Day 5 – Friday 8th July


Asara, Viviana. Unpublished. The Indignados as a socio-environmental movement. Framing the crisis and democracy. Article accepted (in press) in Environmental Policy and Governance.


Day 8 – Monday 11h July


Ross, Kristin (2015) Communal Luxury, The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune.

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Day 9 – Tuesday 12h July


 Anderson, Bridget et al. 2009. Editorial: Why No Borders? Refuge, 26(2):5-18.

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Energy sovereignty: politicising an energy transition, by Pere Ariza-Montobbio;


Day 10 – Wednesay 13th July


Yes, We Can Prosper Without Growth: 10 Policy Proposals for the New Left.

“Their recession is not our degrowth! Degrowth as a way out of the ‘New Normal’: Secular stagnation” by Federico Demaria. Unpublished in english, in Spanish

Optional readings

Broumas, A. and Karyotis, T. (2014) SYRIZA rising: what’s next for the movements in Greece?. Roarmag

Harvey, D. (2015) “David Harvey: On Syriza and Podemos”. Il Manifesto.  March 19. Available at:

Horvat, S. (2014) “Europe’s new left parties can make the dreams of 1968 come true”. The Guardian. November 6. Available at: syriza-        podemos-united-left

Kallis, G., Demaria, F., D’Alisa, G. (2014) Introduction to Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era. Routledge, London. Degrowth vocabulary.