Toxic Tour in Montcada

Thursday 29th June, 8.30-13.30, Montcada Bifurcació


About the place 

The village of Montcada located on the fringes of Barcelona is an interesting sight to explore for the multiple conflicts it embodies. Firstly, the multinational cement factory Lafarge, is situated right in the centre of the urbanization, operational for several decades already. Secondly, the factory has a permission to burn waste for fuelling the ovens, issued in 2008 within unclear legal framework. The factory even receives tradable permits for the associated carbon reduction resulting from the incineration. From 2008 the local neighbours’ association created a Platform against Incineration campaigning actively for the closure of the factory. Third, Montcada is located at the very entry of Barcelona, therefore bearing a large chunk of its car and train traffic, resembling a little island surrounded by rails and highways. Last but not least – the majority of its residents are working class, relatively lower income citizens.


In the morning we will walk through the village and observe the general landscape, trying to make sense of what we see. Next, we will engage in a dialogue with members from the local neighbourhood association who will tell us more about the case, local resistance and its history. Finally we will take a closer walk to the cement factory, as much as the time and highway barriers allow us, and close with a common exercise connecting this local struggle with other related cases of environmental injustice, making the link between the local and the global.