Irene Iniesta Arandia, – Colectivo FRACTAL, Biodiversia S Coop

My research and action interests are focused on the interaction between people and the environment. My work is inherently an inter and transdisciplinary and I’m interested in three main areas: (1) socioecological systems (collective action, ecosystem services and resilience), (2) environmental feminisms (feminist political ecology, ecofeminisms and gender and environment) and (3) political ecology (peasant studies, environmental justice and environmental conflicts). I am interested in how local communities manage, adapt and / or resist socio-ecological changes and transformations. I have a PhD in Ecology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and I have carried out several research stays at the Ostrom Workshop of the University of Indiana (USA) and at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon. I am a teacher in different masters and PhD courses in national and international universities.
I am training as a group facilitator with Altekio and the Institute for Facilitation and Change (IIFAC-E) in Madrid and I am also studying the base year at the Process Work School of Barcelona. I currently work in Biodiversia S Coop, a cooperative which works on bringing science closer to citizens to solve urgent issues surrounding the loss of biodiversity, the global deterioration of ecosystems and the need to generate eco-social alternatives. I am a founding member of the FRACTAL collective, a feminist environmental research collective.

In this link you can check my publications and here access the full texts.