Degrowth and Technology

The love-hate relationship and beyond

Christian Kerschner

Tuesday 3rd July, 10.00-11.30, Cerbère
The role of technology in a future Degrowth society is one of the most controversial topics within the Degrowth community and in sustainability research at large. For some the solution to all our sustainability problems, to others the very origin of these problems. A broad spectrum of these views from a variety of different scientific disciplines has been collected in a hot-of-the-press special issue in the Journal of Clearner Production. Participants of the course will receive an overview of its content and its synthesis i.e. the editorial. For example one contribution looks at so called peer-to-peer production (e.g. 3D printing); another favours low-tech solutions like shower bags or washing lines calculating the possible energy savings; some instead propose a “withdrawal” from technology, while yet others look for ways to go beyond the dichotomy (see online collection of articles). Course participants will have the opportunity to explore both their own attitudes towards technology and the alternatives and engage in a critical and constructive debate.

Compulsory readings

Editorial of the Special Issue: Degrowth & Technology in the Journal of Cleaner Production. (essential)
Selected articles from the special issue (each participant will be able to voluntarily select one, first come first serve)

Recommended additional
Illich, I., 1973. Tools for Conviviality. Harper & Row, New York.