The self and the local in face of global change

Filka Sekulova

Wednesday 4th July, 10.00-11.30, Cerbère

Having passed through the bits and pieces of the summer school where concepts of justice and democracy, along with the whys and the hows of degrowth have been put across and teased, this interactive class will aim at putting it all together in a coherent, or more likely – incoherent patchwork. Does it fit? Should it fit? We will discuss the rationalities and irrationalities behind the processes that may lead to degrowth, on international (global), meso(regional), local and personal plans. We will explore the so-called blind spots and vulnerabilities in ourselves, and in the system – and see what we can learn from there. This work or attempt will be facilitated by a short intro to the U-theory, or U-method, (developed by Otto Scharmer), stating that the quality of the outcomes or results in a given social system are a function of the quality of the consciousness that its participants operate from.