Envisioning degrowth: A collective exploration of the difficulties and challenges toward transformation

Fulvia Ferri

Tuesday 3rd July, 17.00-19.00, Can Decreix

There is no single path for living degrowth. Different collective experiences that respect environmental limits, strive for social equity and inclusiveness in democratic decision-making are flourishing worldwide. The pluriverse expands giving space to a constellation of perspectives of radical and systemic alternatives.

However, we clash against the hegemonic imperative of consumerism and growth-led progress, where land expropriation, contamination, labour exploitation are at the order of the day. Individualism and competition strengthen, while social relations disintegrate. The dominant social imaginary still links happiness with money, social status and possession. People too often forget about they deep joy that comes from conviviality and connection to nature.

On the one side, the economic system impedes to local producers to prevail over multinational/corporative power. On the other side, living better with less sounds appealing, but we are not always ready to rethink our needs and a way out to our dependency from goods, fossil fuels, and comforts.

What are the difficulties that we encounter when striving for a degrowth transition toward environmental justice?
How can we overcome them in a non-violent, democratic and inclusive way?

Different facilitated dynamics will stimulate the group to visualise these challenges, and to chose one among them for collective investigation. The exercises will enhance the connectedness of the individual and collective perspectives.