Reading Material 2014

Syllabus & Recommended Reading 

Full syllabus in PDF version here.

ICTA/R&D Articles

Demaria, F., Schneider, F., Sekulova, F., MartinezAlier,J. 2013. ‘What is degrowth? From an activist slogan to a social movement’. Environmental Values 22: 191-215. (20 pages)

Schneider, F., Kallis, G., MartinezAlier J. 2010. ‘Crisis or opportunity? Economic degrowth for social equity and ecological sustainability. Introduction to this special issue’. Journal of Cleaner Production 18(6):511-518. (7 pages)

Martínez-Alier, J. 2012. ‘Environmental justice and economic degrowth: An alliance between two movements’. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism 23(1): 51-73. (23 pages)

Asara, V., E. Profumi and G. Kallis.2013. ‘Degrowth, democracy and autonomy’. Environmental Values. (22 Pages) (Optional Readings)


Critiques of development 

Latouche, S. 2010. ‘Degrowth’. Journal of Cleaner Production 18(6): 519-522. (28 pages)


Meaning of life and well-being

Alexander, S. 2013. Voluntary Simplicity and the Social Reconstruction of Law: Degrowth from the Grassroots Up. Environmental Values, 22: 287-308. (21 pages) (Optional reading)



Odum, H.T., Odum, E.C. 2006. The Prosperous Way Down. Boulder, US: University Press of Colorado. (11 Pages)

Georgescu-Roegen 1979. La décroissance. P125-135 Un programme bioéconomique minimal. Alternatively for those who do not speak French see document attached by Mauro Bonaiuti  p.35 – 53 

Alternatively for those who do not speak French see document attached by Mauro Bonaiuti p.35 – 53

Kallis, G., Kerschner, C., MartinezAlier,J. 2012. ‘The economics of degrowth’. Ecological Economics 84: 172-180. (8 Pages)


Democracy and technology

Illich Ivan. 1972. Tools for Conviviality. (126 pages) [first chapter]

Jacques Ellul. 1983. The search for ethics in a technicist society. (13 pages)

Castoriadis C. 1985. On Rationality and Development. Thesis Eleven (20 Pages)

Muraca B. 2013. Décroissance: A Project for a Radical Transformation of Society. Environmental Values. (24 Pages) 



Carlsson, Manning. 2010. Nowtopia: Strategic exodus? (30 Pages) 



Bayon, Flipo, Schneider, 2010. La décroissance, 10 questions pour comprendre et débattre. La découverte.

Bayon et al. Decrecimiento en 10 preguntas, el Viejo Topo. (Optional Readings)

Jackson Tim. 2009. Beyond the Growth Economy. (4 pages)


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