Eva Frankova – Masarykova University

Eva Fraňková, Ph.D. Masarykova University

Her long-term research interests include alternative economic practices, eco-localisation and the concept of sustainable degrowth. Currently she works on reserach of heterodox economic practices in the Czech Republic, and on energy, material and financial metabolism of several local food systems. Also, she participates on development of social enterprise indicators for the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. She is involved in the Association of Local Food Initiatives and the Fair Trade movement in the Czech Republic.


Recent publications

Johanisová N & Fraňková E. 2013. Eco-social enterprises in practice and theory – A radical versus mainstream view. In Anastasiadis, Maria. ECO-WISE-Social Enterprises as Sustainable Actors. Brenen: Europaischer Hochschulverlag GmbH, Studies in Comparative Social Pedagogies and International Social Work and Social Policy, Vol. XVI, pp. 110-129.

Johanisová N, Crabtree T & Fraňková E. 2013. Social enterprises and non-market capitals: a path to degrowth? Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 38, January, pp. 7-16.

Fraňková E & Johanisova N. 2012. Economic localisation revisited. Environmental Policy and Governance, 22 (5), pp. 307-321.


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