Bibliography 2015

Day 1 – Monday 6th July

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Day 2 – Tuesday 7th July

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Day 3 – Wednesday 8th July

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Day 4 – Thursday 9th July

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Day 5 – Friday 10th July

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Day 7 – Sunday 12th July

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Day 8 – Monday 13th July

Can Decreix. 2015. Rediscovering manual skills and peasantry for spreading degrowth happiness.


Day 9 – Tuesday 14th July

Muraca, Barbara 2013. Décroissance: A Project for a Radical Transformation of Society. Environmental Values, 22: 147-169.

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Demaria, Federico. 2015. Their recession is not our degrowth! Degrowth as a way out of the ‘New Normal’ Secular stagnation. Published in Spanish at:




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