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5th International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity

Budapest (Hungary), 30th August – 3rd September 2016

After Paris in 2008, Barcelona in 2010, Venice in 2012 and Leipzig in 2014, the conference, which focuses on ecological sustainability and social equity, will be held in the Corvinus University of Budapest.

First and foremost, the conference is a meeting place of prominent academic researchers from across the globe. Every two years the gathering offers them a ground for discussing the latest developments in this new interdisciplinary field of research. The scientific community also interacts with practitioners during the conference in order to articulate viable alternatives to the current socio-economic models.

Within this conference, a space will also be designated for the wider public. Budapest will be the cradle of a new initiative, called the Degrowth Week, which will create a new platform for practical activities and workshops, partnership with local initiatives, participatory discussions and debates among a wide circle of stakeholders and cultural, artistic and creative programmes throughout the city. During the spring of 2016, the wider public will be invited to help the organisers curate the events of the Degrowth week.




Climate Camp in Rhineland (Germany) and Degrowth Summer School

Rhineland (Germany), 19th – 29th August 2016

Climate Camp in the Rhineland will take place from the 19th till 29th of August 2016 There will be many events like networking, education and actions… and trying out tomorrow’s society today –social, ecological and based on grassroots democracy.

At the camp the Degrowth Summer School will take place once again, where the concept of degrowth is put into action: By learning practical skills and analyzing political and economic developments.
In the Rhineland there will be an action laboratory
, where new forms of action will be tried and tested. If you’re interested in participating in the organization of it or have any questions, please contactthegroup ausgeCO2hlt.

More info at:   
Climate Camp
Summer School on degrowth
Action laboratory

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