Other Summer Schools in 2015

This summer school does not come on its own. It is part of a consorted effort around Europe. At the Barcelona school we will establish links and share inputs for these other events, so that there is a thread of knowledge which is gradually woven in a colourful degrowth tapestry.

Get involved in the protest camps against fracking and climate change taking place this summer!


Ground Control – Agriculture & Climate Action Camp in the Netherlands, 1st-8th July 2015

A weeklong camp near Amsterdam to get together to stimulate a different agricultural system and counteract climate change. The Climate Action Camp will engage in open discussions and constructive activities linking climate and agriculture. Ground control welcomes everyone: from the most experienced to the newcomers in the field, it is a space to make meaningful connections, and prepare for (future) struggles.
Let’s shape our camp the way we want to shape our world. Expect a flexible and varied programme of presentations, workshops and trainings in which everyone’s participation is encouraged!

Ground Control is coordinated by an open collective of individuals. For more information visit: www.groundcontrolcamp.net


FRACKANPADA – Anti-Fracking Camp in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque country), 13th-19th July 2015

This summer European anti-fracking movements are mobilising for action against fracking in Basque Country – close to the Spanish-French border, 500 km west of Barcelona. Anti-fracking collectives from several countries are calling on activists from across Europe to gather near Gasteiz-Vitoria for a week-long Frackanpada camp with actions and skill-sharing to organise our struggles in defense of the land, for social justice and for a sustainable society as well as developing our resistance against fossil fuel extraction and the underlying system of corporate profit and state evictions and repression.

For more information visit: frackanpada.frackingez.org


Summer schools in Italy 2015 – Trieste 16th-18th June, Torino September 2015

Two summer schools are taking place in Italy in Italian, one in Trieste (16th-18th June) focusing on degrowth and solidarity economy and another in Torino (first week of September) on urban metabolism and labour.

For more information about the Summer School in Trieste (in Italian) consult: incontronazionale.economiasolidale.net.
For more information about the Summer School in Torino please contact Mauro Bonaiuti.


Summer school in Germany 2015, 9th-15th August 2015

After the impressive 5th international conference on degrowth in Leipzig last year, a summer school is also taking place in Germany (close to Cologne, approximately August 9-15, 2015). It will be held in English and in German and focus on the links between climate justice and degrowth. It will take place in cooperation with the Rhineland climate camp and link with a mass action of civil disobedience against lignite coal mining. The Rhineland summer school will not have a purely academic focus. It will link lectures and several-day-courses in a GAP-style (in the mornings) with practice (such as maintaining the camp, training for and participating in protests against lignite mining). More information can be obtained at www.degrowth.de/en/summer-school-2015.

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