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Summer school 2017:


Acharya, Amitangshu . 2017. Listening To Gandhi In The Age Of Consumption In India. The Huffington Post.

Blogpost from assignments

Making power asymmetries visible: Our experiences during the Summer School on Degrowth and Environmental Justice. By Karoline Pöggel, Camila Nobrega, Leonie Sontheimer
Conversations on Degrowth: Exploring the Slow Movement. By Lyudmyla Khrenova, Zhanara Yessenova and Riya Raphael 

Articles from summer school 2015:

Ulrich Demmer and Agata Hummel. 2017. Degrowth, anthropology, and activist research: the ontological politics of science. Journal of Political Ecology 24: 610-622.

Corinna Dengler & Birte Strunk. 2017. The Monetized Economy Versus Care and the Environment: Degrowth Perspectives On Reconciling an Antagonism, Feminist Economics.